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Please note that the A350 MERGE project current version is V1.3.                                                   

A350 MERGE project will not be subject to further updates.                                                            

Otherwise, support is still ensured for this aircraft.                                                                          

The A350 merge project regroup two differents models of A350.

The package is merged to get a better model, with a 3D cockpit, better gauges, some improvements, etc.

The two models merged here are those of FSPainter (Mitsushi Yutaka) and Camsim (Camil Valiquette), that we thanks for their kind permissions to distribute their files

This pack contains :

This pack contains :
- FSPainter A350 model.
- Multiple liveries : Airbus (x5), Finnair (x2), Qatar, Vietnam, TAM, Singapore, Cathay, Ethiopian,       Thai, LATAM, China Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Caraibes.
- Functional 3D Virtual Cockpit, with HD textures, autopilot, etc
- Real A350 2D Panel
- Customized sounds
- Airbus GPWS
- Animated wing (wingflex)

This pack DOES NOT contain :

- Camsim model









Additional optional textures (click to download)



Merge authors :

- Enzo Cattania (Merge)

- Jeremy Francois (Merge & Textures)

Thanks :

- Mitsushi Yusaka (model)

- Camil Valiquette (.cfg & .air files)

- Christophe Bouville (Textures)


- Kevin Keeble (Sounds)






Changelog v1.1 (01/23/2016)

- Wheels in the ground bug fixed

- Texture added (Cathay Pacific)

- Finnair One World texture corrected


Changelog v1.2 (08/15/2016)
- Added real A350 2D panel
- All textures fixed
- Textures added (Ethiopian, Thai, LATAM, China Airlines)

Changelog v1.3 (01/08/2017)

- VC eyepoint view adjusted

- New VC HD textures added

- Textures added (Air Caraibes, Lufthansa)



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A350 China Airlines livery