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Chateauroux airport is located in the Centre region, in France. This airport is mainly a crew training plateform, a maintenance site and also a place of aircraft storage.

Military and freighters aircrafts come often here for

technical stops.

An airport full of history since World War 2 which

is today well reconverted in industrial activities.

Paris Vatry



Châlons Vatry airport is located in Champagne region

in the East of Paris. This airport is mostly operated by

cargo aircrafts which come everyday. Russian airplanes

(Antonov 12, Ilyushin 76.....) come very often and this atypical

traffic makes this airport an unavoidable passage for spotters !




Rennes St Jacques airport is an international plateform 

located in Britanny region in the west part of France. 

This airport is serviced by european airlines like Vueling or

Air France everyday. The 2 concrete runways allow this

airport to also receive general aviation. Star Air (Maersk) 

come with a B767 everyday during the week on this 2100m

runway. Buildings all made on Sketchup with night textures.

HD Ground Poly included. 




Dinard Pleurtuit St Malo airport is located in the Britanny region, in France. This airport is serviced by Ryanair 4 times a week. 

There is an airclub which use DR400 and DR221.

The 2 runways make this airport very polyvalent, and this is why this airport is a Sabena Technics center, with an aircraft maintenance site.

Buildings were made on Sketchup.

Thanks to our partner Aviana Simulations for the help with the ground poly.

Wallis & Futuna



Wallis & Futuna airports are two international airports located in the Wallis & Futuna Islands, which are parts of French overseas collectivities. They are situated in the Pacific Ocean. 

This scenery include real buildings of the two airports, created with Sketchup by Enzo C. and Marc L. 

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